Wheat Ridge, CO

Searching for Wheat Ridge homes for sale and will provide you with that small town atmosphere encapsulated within the big city of Denver. Homes for sale in Wheat Ridge CO provide easy access to downtown Denver via Speer Boulevard and the RTD (Regional Transportation District) which include the Light Rail service. You can jump onto the highway to reach the high country accessing nearby I-70. Finding Wheat Ridge homes for sale is fairly easy as much of the city is predominantly residential. There are many cultural overlays within Wheat Ridge making for a variety of cuisine to satisfy any discriminating palette. The Wheat Ridge Recreation Center features state of the art equipment and activities for all ages. If Wheat Ridge homes for sale, and the Edgewater and Arvada communities are your destination you’ll want to check out the statistical information below to see the market trends. Subscribe to our RSS feed to stay current on the latest trends in the real estate market and changes that may affect your home buying decisions. Zoom in on the dots in the map to get a look at homes for sale in Wheat Ridge CO.

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Search Wheat Ridge homes for sale

The cities of Wheat Ridge, Edgewater, and Arvada are bedroom communities to one another and most home buyers not only search homes for sale in Wheat Ridge CO, but also in Edgewater and Arvada. You’ll want to customize your own search criteria and you can do with the My Buying Buddy platform. This is the most complete and accurate source of housing information available for Wheat Ridge homes for sale because the data comes from a direct feed via the Denver realtors MLS (multiple listing service) in “real time”. From here, enter how many bedrooms and baths you require, size of home, garage space, and much more. Then you’ll receive automatic updates of when new listings come on the market allowing you to be the first to know about new Wheat Ridge homes for sale.

Pricing trends for Wheat Ridge homes for sale

Shopping for a home to buy can be a bit nerve racking as there are many things to think about, particularly the price of homes for sale in Wheat Ridge CO. You’ll wonder if the price the home is listed is the right price or if you can play “Let’s Make a Deal”. Take a look at the recent historic sales and pricing trends for Wheat Ridge homes for sale, and note the graph does include the neighboring towns of Arvada and Edgewater. You’ll see the median price is almost $300K for homes for sale in Wheat Ridge CO. The median price differs from what an average price is. Median price suggests the mid-point of these property prices, whereas the average price takes into consideration all of the low and higher end homes and averages them together of homes for sale in Wheat Ridge CO. To look at specific market valuations in select neighborhoods you’ll want to use the Market Snapshot tool to analyze those homes for sale in Wheat Ridge CO and in the surrounding communities.

Listed Price vs Sold Price of Wheat Ridge homes for sale

Now that you have found the home of your dreams to purchase, what price will you pay? Of course the seller has set a price and the question now is will they get it. This bar graph, original prices vs the sold price indicates there has been a bid war between buyers for these Wheat Ridge homes for sale in that the buyers are paying more than the median price to purchase the house. Certainly the improving economy, the low inventory, and the high demand are compelling buyers to pay above asking price for Wheat Ridge homes for sale. To find out what home financing looks for you, use the mortgage calculator to get a sneak peek. It will also allow you to find other variations on financing and you may find out what you qualify for to be able to buy homes for sale in Wheat Ridge CO.

Fast selling for Wheat Ridge homes for sale

Another key indicator of home values is how long they sit on the market before they sell. Not surprising, the homes for sale in Wheat Ridge CO are indeed selling fast, as they are only on the market about 3 weeks. The number of days on market graph also indicates these homes for sale in Wheat Ridge CO have a median list price of nearly $300,000. These homes do include single family homes, townhomes, and condominiums. As the economy continues to improve and while the interest rates remain low home buyers will opt to buy Wheat Ridge homes for sale rather than continuing to pay rent, especially when the rental market rates are rising. We know you’ll want to be a most informed consumer when you begin shopping for Wheat Ridge homes for sale, so download a complimentary copy of The Home Buying Process – Keys to Your Success to help you with tips about buying a home.

You can learn more about Wheat Ridge by visiting the city’s website. At Colorado Front Range Properties it is our goal to answer your questions and supply you with much need real estate information. If you have questions about buying Wheat Ridge homes for sale or those in any other community in the metro area we are happy to be of help. And of course we welcome the opportunity to be of service to you in finding your next home. You can call us, email us, or send us questions via our Housing Help link.