Cheryl Garlock

You can hear the joy in Cheryl Garlock's voice when she speaks of her family and life in the mountainous West. Cheryl has 2 daughters, Alycia and Ashlee, who are "grown and gone, but oh so close," and a large extended family living around the state of Colorado.

She recently married the love of her life, who she met on Yahoo. To which Cheryl gives out a boisterous "Yahoo!!" Funny and energetic, she takes on life at a full-steam-ahead pace.

Another important member of Cheryl's immediate family is her Golden Retriever/Cocker Spaniel mix Maggie. Cheryl insists Maggie was born with "an attitude." As Cheryl put it, "Maggie works well with people, but doesn't play well with other dogs." She is a cherished pet.

Aside from being a dedicated Realtor, Cheryl loves to be active outdoors. She's enjoyed horseback riding since her youth and has been a skier for many years. Cheryl finds river rafting challenging but fun, and likes to hit the tennis court whenever possible.

Cheryl Garlock

As a spectator she avidly backs the Denver Broncos and is fast becoming a fan of the Minnesota Vikings. She is beckoned by the majestic mountains of the area for an occasional hike. If she does find herself in a stationary mode, she's more than likely with family or friends playing Bridge.

Cheryl has a cultural bend as well. She loves attending live theatre, whether a play or a musical. The music that "steals my heart" is rock 'n roll, and she loves dancing to it as well. Her love of music is so strong that she has had sub-woofers specially installed in both her car and her home. And as Cheryl has said, "When the music is on, it's ON!" Stepping into other cultures is another activity that holds Cheryl's interest. She has traveled extensively over the years to South America, Europe and Australia.

Cheryl is a hard working real estate agent who prides herself in being innovative, "thinking outside the box" when it comes to marketing a home. She's a good listener who asks lots of questions and works hard to find the answers to her clients inquiries. Her familiarity with her service areas is so thorough that she "knows the streets as well as any cabbie."