WHY CHOOSE TO RENT TO OWN HOMES IN DENVER?Many people searching rent to own Denver homes are looking at ways to be homeowners and get out of the rental market entirely and are considering rent to own homes in Denver. Renters often see their monthly housing expense going down the drain and making their landlord rich. Certainly in the Denver area, the rents are escalating faster than renters can keep up with and most tenants feel they have no way to fight back against rising rents and they are tired of moving every year or so The only way to secure your housing expense and experience is to actually buy a home. However, many renters in Denver think buying a home today is out of their reach and therefore look at rent to own homes in Denver instead. There are some opportunities available for rent to own Denver homes, allowing renters who can’t qualify to buy a home today the opportunity to secure the housing they want today and buy the home tomorrow . . . but you’ll need to know where to look to find them when searching rent to own Denver. You don’t want to subscribe to the websites that ask you to give up your credit card information promising you a list of available rent to own homes in Denver. Why? Because any property owner who is willing to do a rent to own Denver program will have that property listed with their real estate agent as an option to their other selling terms and as such that property will be listed in the realtor’s MLS (multiple listing service) which you can explore online here. here.

Tip #1: Click on the Additional Options tab, and select Lease Purchase, Owner Will Cary, Other at the above link. These terms are similar to rent to own Denver. You will access all the residential Denver homes offered for sale from this source in real time and you can narrow your search criteria as you desire. This will include a search for rent to own homes in Denver.

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Want to buy a home but not sure if you can? Check out the video clip below on “Rent-to-Own” programs and then go to the Events tab at the top of the page for the next class on: What You Need to Know About Rent-to-Own Programs.

What does rent to own homes in Denver mean?
Rent to own homes in Denver is also referred to as a lease option or a lease purchase, but there are subtle differences between these programs. Generally, most renters think rent to own Denver homes is an option that works in their favor. So you might think that you rent to own Denver homes with the option to buy one at a later date and if you later decide not to buy it, then you get your deposit money back and move along on your merry way. That’s really not always the case, particularly when you’re looking to rent to own homes in Denver or any other hot housing market.

Rent to Own: Renter makes rental payments whereby a portion of the monthly rent is attributed to a future down payment . . . at least that’s what most renters think about rent to own Denver. That’s generally not true, but a portion of the rental payment can go toward reducing the purchase price of the home you wish to buy or used to pay closing costs when you do buy a home. This makes rent to own homes in Denver a bit tricky, so you will need a professional realtor and an attorney to help you with rent to own homes in Denver.

Lease Option: Renter pays the owner an option deposit to hold the property for them while they rent the property giving the renter the opportunity to buy the home at a later date. This is tricky to say the least as there are so many pitfalls to these rent to own Denver transactions. The point is everything in an agreement must be very clear and understood by both the renter and the owner when putting together an agreement for rent to own homes in Denver. And again you’ll need the services of a realtor and attorney for rent to own Denver homes.

Lease Purchase: Renter pays the owner a purchase deposit with the full intent of buying the home on a specific date and renting the home in the meantime. This is a more clear sense of direction for a real estate transaction where the renter will rent the property for a certain period of time while making preparations to get a loan to actually buy the home. This by far is a more secure method for rent to own homes in Denver.

What you need to know about rent to own Denver programs?

While rent to own homes in Denver can be confusing it just may be the option you need. Fill out the form above to find out if this will work for you. Keep in mind these are more typically offered when housing sales are slow and the owners are most generally looking for ways to unload the property. Also, you’ll need to factor in what the future price of the home should be.

  • Will the price increase and if so to what amount?
  • Will you be able to get a loan at that time to buy the property?
  • Will the interest rate be competitive?
  • Will you have the then necessary down payment needed to buy the home?
  • And the list of questions goes on and on . . . where rent to own homes in Denver are concerned.

More often than not, renters can become buyers sooner than later. They just don’t know it or think they can’t buy a home for some other reason. You’ll need to speak with a professional realtor who can help you determine the best solution for your housing needs today and tomorrow when looking for your next home. Rent to own Denver homes may be just what you need or you may truly be surprised to find out that you can actually buy a home sooner than later. That’s when searching Denver homes becomes a lot of fun!

Did you know you can buy a home with as little as $1000-$1500 down payment? There are down payment assistance programs available and they are ever changing so give me a call to learn more. This is a game changer for people looking to rent to own homes in Denver, because now they can buy a home and be in control of their housing destiny like never before.

Did you know the Seller and/or the Lender can pay your closing costs when you buy a home? Again, you’ll want to call me to find out more about how to buy a home with little cash out of pocket . . . often cheaper than what you’ll put out for renting an apartment or home. When you couple this with the low down payment requirements to buy a home you again are more assured of your housing than when you rent to own Denver.

And did you know there are new lender guidelines making it easier for people who have had poor credit in the past to now be able to qualify for home loans? Yes, you’ll want to call me about those as well and I’ll be able to tell you how and where to fix your credit score so you can buy a home and more.

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