Understanding Today’s Homes For Rent in Denver
If you’ve been looking for homes for rent in Denver or apartment to rent, you most certainly have found it to be an exhausting exercise. Denver has a hot housing market both in homes for sale and in homes for rent in Denver. Often you’re standing in the Denver homes for rent line waiting to submit your application to rent an apartment, but especially a single family home in the greater Denver metro area. Like many metropolitan areas across the country, Denver has a shortage of available housing for sale, let alone homes for rent in Denver . . . that’s just the reality of Denver homes for rent in the greater Denver metro area. You’ll also find that Denver homes for rent today is most certainly more expensive than buying a Denver home for sale. That again is due to the low housing inventory and there are more homes to choose from when you’re planning on buying a home. But we may be able to help you find Denver homes for rent or possibly secure a rent to own home in the greater Denver metro area when searching for Denver property listings.

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Thinking about Rent to Own Homes in Denver?

Want to buy a home but not sure if you can? Check out the video clip below on “Rent-to-Own” programs and then go to the Events tab at the top of the page for the next class on: What You Need to Know About Rent-to-Own Programs. You might find this to be a viable option as opposed to Denver homes for rent.What You Need to Know About Rent-to-Own Programs.

Calculate a Mortgage Payment vs a Rental Payment

Most people think that buying a home is too expensive for their wallet and that’s why they still look for Denver homes for rent in Denver as opposed to searching for Denver homes for sale. They are often surprised at finding out just how little it costs to buy a home as opposed to Denver homes for rent. Generally you can buy a home with less than the cash required for the security deposit and the 1st month’s rent, and certainly when the last month’s rent is also being tacked on that’s cheaper than homes for rent in Denver. First time home buyers (people who have not owned a home in the last 3 years) can buy a home for as little at $1000-$1500 down. And if you’re a veteran, that figure drops to a big fat “0”! On top of that, the first payment is not due until nearly 45-60 days after you’ve bought the home! That really helps when you’re cash strapped with all the moving expenses. Click here to calculate for yourself how much home you can afford to buy based on your income and your debts. If you need a little help with this or have questions, give us a call at 720-373-0654 or drop us an email asking about options to homes for rent in Denver.

Some things you should know about homes for rent in Denver.

Tip #1: The best place to find Denver homes for rent is through Craigslist. However, you have to be careful of fraudulent ad placements when looking for Denver homes for rent. If the property is offered for rent with a property management company, you’re less likely to experience fraud. But even then, you can’t be sure they have the authority to actually rent that home. You’ll want to confirm who the actual owner is of the property by getting the property information from the county assessor’s office. And if Denver homes for rent is being handled by a property management company, you’ll want to ask them for the owner’s name so you can again confirm the ownership of their Denver property holding.

Tip #2: Never ever send money sight unseen for homes for rent in Denver. Unfortunately, there are many scams online purporting to be out of town while they are marketing the homes for rent in Denver. But of course the owner has a lock box on the door and will seemingly allow you to go in to view it. That really just doesn’t happen and you should walk away from such homes for rent in Denver. There is nothing worse than paying money for a security deposit and rent, moving in, and then finding out you’ve moved into the wrong home that is not truly a part of homes for rent in Denver. We have some unscrupulous people on the net stealing property listings from real estate agents who have homes for sale, particularly if they are vacant, misleading prospective renters about homes for rent in Denver. Be careful on any and all searches for Denver homes for rent to make sure you’re dealing with the right owner, realtor, or property management company.

Tip #3: So you have found some Denver homes for rent and now you need to set appointments to see those properties. Think about how you approach the owner or the property management company. Just like an employment opportunity, you’ll want to make sure you look and sound like the tenant the owner is looking for their homes for rent in Denver. Remember, it’s a landlord’s market and they can be picky about whom they select. The owners of Denver homes for rent generally have a lot of pride in their properties and they want to make sure the tenant takes care of their prized investment.

Tip #4: Making an application on Denver homes for rent requires some forethought. Come prepared with your payroll stubs, at least 2 months worth, to show your income. Bring a recent bank statement that again shows your daily activity . . . the landlord doesn’t want to get bounced checks. And most important, bring a copy of your credit report. The landlord wants to see that you pay your bills timely and that your credit score is within their acceptable range. This is essential when seeking to obtain Denver homes for rent or homes for sale.

Tip #5: When you do find homes for rent in Denver, make sure you conduct a thorough property inspection and submit a property condition report with the owner or the property manager. We know you’re likely in a hurry to move in, but this is a crucial step not to be missed at the beginning of the lease because it will haunt you at the end of the lease when repairs are to be made to Denver homes for rent.

Want to avoid all this hassle and trepidation of being scrutinized by the owner or property manager?

Frequently people looking for homes for rent in Denver can actually qualify to buy a home. All it takes is a little time and energy to find out how to buy a home and what you need to do to secure a home mortgage. That’s where we come in. We can help you with a step by step procedure to get home financing and buy a hom rather than pay for homes for rent in Denver making the Landlord rich. You’ll then not have to be subject to the whims of a landlord or property manager. You can choose to have a fixed monthly payment, whereas you know the rent will go up as time marches forward. You’ll be able to paint and make home improvements as you see fit. You’ll get a tax deduction for being a home owner, something you don’t get when you pay rent. And best of all, while you’re sleeping in the home you own you’ll be making appreciation on that home . . . again, something you don’t get when you pay for homes for rent in Denver. Try your hand at searching Denver homes for sale by visiting here, it’s the most complete search for all the Denver residential real estate in the metro area.

Has your head been in the sand too long?

We understand how time just slips by and that means opportunities do too. We are here help you find your next home and offer some tools and information to assist you. Doing this will firmly put you in charge of your housing destiny, saving you thousands of dollars in the long run when acquiring a home in Denver rather than paying the Landlord’s mortgage on homes for rent in Denver.

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