• January 3, 2017
    Nationally speaking it looks like the housing inventories are going to be low again this year in 2017 pushing up home prices and rental rates. Take a look here.  Will the housing market slow down with the interest rates on the rise?  It's not anticipated at this time.  If you're thinking of selling, now is an excellent time to do so.  And if you're thinking of buying, you'll want to get your ducks in a row to be a smart home shopper.  Call me at 720-373-0654 to get help with buying or selling a home.
    December 19, 2016
    Want to know which direction the real estate market is traveling in your county? Find the latest market trends inside this report defined by county to search stats for Denver homes for sale and sold. Homes for sale in Denver and the surrounding counties are detailed in this report published by the MLS at ReColorado.
    June 28, 2016
    Take a look at the Market Statistics for the Greater Denver Metro Area for the month of May 2016 RE-Colorado Monthly Indicators 2016-05. If you like stats, graphs, and charts to get the full picture of the real estate market then you'll like these. To narrow down to a specific area of town or neighborhood, please call me at 720-373-0654 or email me at cheryl@DenverRealty.com.
    May 31, 2015
    Buying a home freezes your housing expense! Want to know the upshot of why and how buying a home today is better for you? Then tune into this video from the "National Real Estate Post" and then check out the upcoming Paying Too Much Rent event below on June 18th. Share this post and invite your friends to join you at the event below. Powered by Eventbrite
    December 16, 2014
    Thinking about home improvements and the value they will bring to your home?  Not all home improvements give back what it cost you to put in your home.  You'll want to acknowledge ahead of time the return on these investments before you make them.  Sometimes when you have a lot of home improvements to make it's better to just sell the property as it is and invest your dollars in the next home.  On the other hand, if you can spruce up your home, and given enough time, you'll improve the return on those investments.  Click here to take a look at the National Association of Realtors Cost vs Value Home Report for 2014 to gauge what will bring you the most value to your home.
    December 13, 2014
    Whether you're new to buying homes or have bought many over the years, putting together a wish list of what you want and need in that next home will help you streamline the process of finding the next home.  The Council of Residential Specialists has put together a wish list so you can list the home searching criteria that is most important to you.  You'll want to think about the location you need.  Does it need to be close to work, near schools or church, accessible to a major highway, in downtown or in the suburbs, etc.  Do you need a single family home, a townhome, or condominium/loft?  Or are you considering a duplex, tri-plex, or 4-plex where you live in 1 unit and rent out the rest?  What style of home will work best for you?  Will you want a ranch style home with no stairs, or will a…
    December 13, 2014
    Are you confused and overwhelmed by the real estate process and the terminology?  The Council of Residential Specialists have put together a real estate glossary to help you understand the language of real estate.  This glossary along. with your realtor, will help you through the complex process of buying and selling homes.  You have a lot to take in when you're buying your first home or selling your first home as real estate is an ever changing environment and no 2 transactions are alike.  It all starts with understanding the local market, and that means being familiar with a lot of statistics, trends, and Denver home values, etc.  Your realtor is your best friend to seek this advice from.  Of course finding that next home or selling one means contract negotiations and this can be confusing for many people.  Our real estate contracts are lengthy and require a thorough understanding…
    December 12, 2014
    Buying your first home can seem like a daunting task.  So much to learn and so little time to do it.  A realtor can help you with that, making the home hunting journey easier so you understand the processes, the language, the choices, the contracts, the financing, and of course the closing.  Think of this as an adventure, and done with proper guidance you will have a beautiful home to call your own.  Your realtor will provide you with a successful real estate transaction putting your mind at ease.  Click on the Welcome Home picture to get a sneak peek at the process of buying your first home.  Give me a call at 720-373-0654 and let me guide you through this home buying experience.    
    December 7, 2014
    Cheryl Garlock, realtor at Colorado Front Range Properties and host of the Denver Radio Real Estate show talks about What You Need to Know About Rent-to-Own programs. There are a lot of myths on the internet about these programs and the availability of homes offered this way. Tune in to get a heads up on these programs and call her at 720-373-0654 or email her at cheryl@DenverRealty.com to plan the right course of action for your housing needs.
    September 30, 2014
    Real estate forensics might be a new TV series after the recent kidnapping and murder of a realtor in Arkansas. This most unfortunate criminal activity is rare, but like all crimes it’s been on the increase. If you’re selling or buying homes yourself without professional help take some proactive steps to secure the safety of your family and others. Tune in and get a few safety and scam tips from a realtor who’s been in the business for over 30 years. Always better to be safe than sorry.  
    September 13, 2014
    Want to buy a home but not sure how or where to start?  Join Cheryl Garlock, realtor at Colorado Front Range Properties, as she discusses this topic in Real Estate Tidbits.  
    September 10, 2014
    Are You Ready to Buy a Home?  Tune into this Real Estate Tidbit for a quick plan of action to help you determine if you're ready to buy a home.
    July 31, 2014
    A Few Hours Can Go a Long Way Photo courtesy of Prospect Plus! It’s no secret that spending a few hours beautifying your house can go a long way toward a quick sale at top dollar. Taking the time now to look at several key areas will result in a dramatic increase in serious buyers. These few steps are a must for any home seller to follow: 1. Take a walk through your house with a "buyer's" perspective. Is the house warm and inviting, or does it look run-down, old, and cluttered? Is the front entrance clean, painted and does it make the best first impression? 2. Touch-up paint in all rooms. If the existing paint is especially unsightly, paint the entire room with a neutral color. This allows buyers to create their own “landscape” of how they would fill the room. 3. Kitchen and Bathrooms. The most examined rooms…
    July 31, 2014
    With interest rates down and inventory up, many savvy consumers are taking a good, long look at investing in a home of their own. The benefits are big and the rewards buying a home long-reaching. For some consumers – a down payment is the only thing standing between them and the dream of home ownership. In today’s economy, it’s not always easy to save the necessary funds to not just get into a house of your own, but get a decent interest rate as well. Here are some simple things you can put into your personal or family action plan for saving that down payment money in less time. Photo courtesy of Prospect Plus! 1. Get in the know. Like any good budget or savings plan, the first place to start is to determine where you are NOW in relation to your credit score, your monthly bills and assets. Contact…