Real Estate Glossary

Confused_imageAre you confused and overwhelmed by the real estate process and the terminology?  The Council of Residential Specialists have put together a real estate glossary to help you understand the language of real estate.  This glossary along. with your realtor, will help you through the complex process of buying and selling homes.  You have a lot to take in when you’re buying your first home or selling your first home as real estate is an ever changing environment and no 2 transactions are alike.  It all starts with understanding the local market, and that means being familiar with a lot of statistics, trends, and Denver home values, etc.  Your realtor is your best friend to seek this advice from.  Of course finding that next home or selling one means contract negotiations and this can be confusing for many people.  Our real estate contracts are lengthy and require a thorough understanding of the language within them.  Again this real estate glossary and your realtor can help you through these contract terms which of course include your obligations in a real estate transaction.  This is an important part of the real estate process and an area that you must thoroughly understand.  Print out a copy of the real estate glossary by clicking on the image and keep that with you as venture through the real estate transaction.  And of course you can call or email us with any questions you may have.