Denver Schools

For many families Denver schools are a major part of their decision as to where to buy homes or rent . . . and that’s an important feature whether you have school age children or not. Why??? Because neighborhood Denver schools influence Denver real estate values… the better the school, the trend is for higher Denver real estate values. Denver schools are the fabric of our lives, particularly when you have school age children. You want to make sure your child is receiving the best education available with teachers and staff who care and an environment conducive to productive learning. You’ll also want Denver schools that can harness your child’s extracurricular activities because a student who is bored and has no outside interests often end up lost in the system and in society. Denver schools extracurricular activities such as sports, music, school government play a crucial role in developing leadership and confidence in students and it starts at a young age carrying the individual through life. A great place to start searching Denver schools is online at Colorado Search for Public Schools. If you’re looking for non-public schools you can search Colorado Non-Public School Choice for Denver schools in that category. Colorado Early Childhood Education and Pre-School resources are available as this is an ever expanding field for Denver schools.

Public school systems in greater metro Denver

Most people in the metro Denver area take education of their children seriously and consequently the Denver schools and districts reflect that. It seems there is always a major push to promote higher quality education in Denver and the surrounding towns and suburbs. You’ll find the metro area leads the state with some of the best educational opportunities for students from pre-K education to university and college bound education. Denver schools and districts encompass a large territory for the metro area including, but not limited to:

One of the best places to research Denver schools is You’ll be able to search by grade level, by district, by property address, city, or zip code. The search populates a webpage with a color coded map that rates the schools by A, B, or C . . . sound familiar? When you click on Denver schools you’ll get a report card for that school. Click on report card to learn how the rating is calculated. It would be best to speak with any school principal or other administrative personnel to review the report card rating before making a final decision.

Charter schools

Another option for student education that has become popular in Denver schools are charter schools. You’ll want to research these schools in order to determine if this is the direction best suited to your child’s needs. Charter schools tend to provide a more focused energy on specific classroom goals and they allow for more parental involvement. The National Alliance for Public Charter Schools outlines some of the features and benefits of a charter school education for your child. To find charter schools in Colorado you’ll want to visit the Colorado League of Charter Schools which will identify those Denver schools in this category. You may also be interested in Option Schools also known as magnet or focus schools found in various Denver schools. These schools offer an alternative educational platform for students and are highly rated. One such educational program is the Jefferson County Option School outlining profiles of schools in their district.

Private Denver schools

Another option for families are private schools to which there are many in the Denver area. To access a list of available private schools visit the Association of Colorado Independent Schools. Not only can you find a multitude of Denver schools here, but you can get information on accreditation and sustainability. Another great source for finding private Denver schools is This website includes tuition information and student teacher ratios and more.


Some families choose homeschooling and resources are available throughout the Denver schools to assist with this. Aurora Public Schools Options offers homeschooling services where parents are the primary instructors with limited help from the school district. In partnership with Aurora Public Schools Options program, Denver Options also provides some assistance for homeschooling. Another resource for homeschooling is Time 4 Learning complete with lesson plans and a parent forum. Learn about homeschooling laws and Colorado requirements from A-Z’s Homes Cool website.

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