Golden, CO

The city of Golden was once the capital territory of Colorado in the 1860’s, a popular point for the gold miners of the day just before they headed up west into to the mountains to mine for gold and silver. Golden is famous the world over as home to Coors Brewery (now known as Miller Coors) and the Colorado School of Mines. Home buyers often seek out homes for sale in Golden CO because of it’s proximity to the mountains, especially the outdoor enthusiasts. Golden homes for sale edge their way into the foothills west to Lookout Mountain and Genesee, and west towards the historic and popular gaming towns of Black Hawk and Central City.

Shown below is statistical information about Golden homes for sale accompanied by neighboring Lakewood. Both Lakewood and homes for sale in Golden CO are in high demand because of their proximity to city life and excursions to the mountains. These 2 cities sit next to each other at the base of the Rocky Mountains providing easy access to downtown Denver as well as the high country. Use your mouse to zoom in on the dots of the map to showcase homes for sale in Golden CO and Lakewood.

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Searching Golden homes for sale

Searching homes for sale in Golden CO is exciting! Homes for sale in Golden CO include everything from starter communities, historic homes, and mountain living. Golden homes for sale are located just west of Lakewood and climb the foothills to Lookout Mountain and Genesee, and north towards Boulder CO along Coal Creek Canyon. Golden is home to the famous flying saucer house seen in the Woody Allen movie, “Sleeper”. Maybe the flying saucer house won’t be your next home, but you’ll want to do your own customized home search selecting your personal criteria using the My Buying Buddy program directly drawing data from the Denver realtor’s MLS (multiple listing service). To find targeted Golden homes for sale you’ll want to create your own property search setting your own criteria with the My Buying Buddy program which taps directly into the Denver realtor’s MLS (multiple listing service). You’ll be able to create multiple searches to find homes for sale in Golden CO. The program will allow you to save your properties, track price movements, and be alerted when new homes for sale in Golden CO appear on the market letting you be the first to know about these new listings in “real time”.

Pricing trends of Golden homes for sale

As might be expected, Golden homes for sale tend to cost more than other parts of the greater Denver metro area and of course that is due to the famous 3 words in real estate . . . location, location, location. Take a look at the market direction as illustrated on the recent historic sales and price trends. While the trend lines indicate and up and down pattern, that is often due to the fact more Golden homes for sale and those in neighboring Lakewood sell at higher prices during the summer months. It’s important to note that the graph showcases the median price of homes sold rather than the average price. Since prices of homes for sale in Golden CO and Lakewood vary, you’ll want to zero in on the neighborhood data of the areas you’re interested in by using the Market Snapshot tool here. Market Snapshot will give you the latest information on homes sold in specific neighborhoods as you select for Golden homes for sale.
Listed price vs sold price for Golden homes for sale

Once you have found the home you want it’s time to submit an offer. You’ll have to do your homework to determine the price, and it would not be surprising if you find yourself competing with other offers for homes for sale in Golden CO because they are in short supply and high on demand. Take a look at the original prices vs the sold price chart illustrating homes for sale in Golden CO and neighboring Lakewood sell above the median list price. This is to be expected because historically homes for sale in Golden CO have always tended to cost more and often this is the case in Lakewood too. Keep an eye on this chart for future pricing trends of Golden homes for sale and those in Lakewood as it will give you a better sense of the market when you make your offer.

Golden homes for sale sell fast

There’s a saying in real estate, “time is of the essence”, and that is certainly true where procrastinating to buy homes for sale in Golden CO as these move fast. This is evident by the number of days on market which of course is directly related to supply vs demand. You’ll note from this graph it displays also the median list price of homes for sale in Golden CO and Lakewood next door. It also indicates these homes being placed under contract in under 3 weeks time generally speaking. The price trends are also reflective of sales for single family homes, townhomes, and condominiums. If you’re interested in buying in Lakewood or purchasing Golden homes for sale then you’ll want to stay well informed about changing market conditions. To stay informed about changing market conditions and updated real estate information especially while you’re shopping for a home, subscribe to our RSS feed and we will keep you informed.

To help you with finding your next home you can download a free copy of the Home Buying Process – Keys to Your Success here. You can find more information about Golden here. We are here to help you with information and finding your next home. Just give us a call, email us, or use the Housing Help link to submit your questions and we will respond to your request.