Franktown, CO

Franktown CO is flanked to the north by Parker, and to the east by Elizabeth all wonderful small town communities. Franktown homes for sale showcase country living at its heart, and yet it’s about a 45 minute commute distance to Denver. Buyers of homes for sale in Franktown CO are attracted to the rural features the area provides. Heading south of Franktown will get you to Colorado Springs in about 45 minutes, so Franktown is a great mid-point between the 2 largest cities in Colorado. Because Franktown homes for sale are further away from the metro area they tend to cost a bit less than properties in Parker. Below is statistical information for home buyers looking in the areas of Franktown homes for sale, and those in Parker and Elizabeth.

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If horses are your game or more open land, then you’ll want to consider the homes for sale in Franktown CO and on down the road to Elizabeth. Zoom in on the map, the dots will expand, to see homes for sale in Franktown CO and in Parker and in Elizabeth. Because Elizabeth and Franktown homes for sale are a bit more rural they tend to take a bit longer to sell than ones in Parker. Nevertheless the home prices are headed up in large part because people have to move further out to find quality affordable housing. Do your own search for Franktown homes for sale using the My Buying Buddy tool and you’ll be able to customize exactly what you’re looking for. Limit the amount of criteria you enter so you get more homes for sale in Franktown CO. You’ll be directly accessing the Denver realtors MLS (multiple listing service) and that is the single source for the most complete and accurate data over any large commercial website. And you’ll get the data in “real time” allowing you to be the first to know about new homes as they come on the market.

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Pricing trends of Franktown homes for sale

The pricing directions of the real estate market can often be surprising and unexpected. The recent historic sales and price trends graph is a key indicator showing the direction the market is headed in for Franktown homes for sale and properties in Parker and Elizabeth. Currently the trendlines indicate home prices on the rise at about $375,000 for the median price range. Of course the largest rise in pricing reflects Parker real estate. However, homes for sale in Franktown CO and in Elizabeth are headed up and these buyers will commute to Denver for work because they want the country living these communities offer. Use the Market Snapshot tool to zero in on select neighborhoods of interest to you and get a bird’s eye view of the pricing trends in those particular neighborhoods featuring Franktown homes for sale.

Sold price vs Asking price of Franktown homes for sale

Another key indicator showing the pricing direction of homes for sale in Franktown CO is the variation in the sold price as compared to the list price. The chart, original list price to that of the final selling price illustrates this point. When the sold price is above the asking price as is the case here for Franktown homes for sale and in Parker and Elizabeth, the market favors sellers and buyers often end up in bid wars with one another. Most definitely this is tied to demand and the low inventory of housing across the region, and particularly for homes for sale in Franktown CO. The mortgage calculator tool will give you financial information about what you may qualify for in terms of a loan and some illustrations of different financing for your consideration.

Homes for sale in Franktown CO sell quickly

One question most home buyers ask is how long a home for sale in Franktown CO has been on the market. It’s a good question because the answer will tell you again the direction the real estate market is moving in. Looking at the number of days on the market graph shows the homes for sale in Franktown CO and her cousin towns of Parker and Elizabeth are selling quickly in less than1 month. It also shows the median list price is slightly above $375,000 for Franktown homes for sale and in Parker and Elizabeth. Understand the average price of these homes is higher because these communities have a variety of higher end homes. The median price indicates only the mid-point at which most of these Franktown homes for sale are listed. It’s clear the home prices for Franktown homes for sale and those in Elizabeth and Parker are due to the upturn in the economy making demand high, and the low inventory. It’s the law of supply and demand at work. To learn more about buying homes in this fast paced real estate market download a complimentary copy of The Home Buying Process – Keys to Your Success. To stay on top of changes in the real estate market and homes for sale in Franktown CO and elsewhere in the metro area, subscribe to our RSS feed.

The town of Franktown offers some wonderful opportunities for country living as found at the city’s website. We want to answer your questions about homes for sale in Franktown CO and elsewhere, and we would like to help with your next home purchase. You can reach us by phone, email, or send your questions via the Housing Help link.