Evergreen, CO

Head west of the Denver metro area to the mountain communities of Evergreen and Conifer to find some great Evergreen homes for sale and in Conifer. These mountain cities are in close proximity of the metro Denver area with a commute distance of about 30 minutes to downtown Denver and highly sought after by home buyers. Public transportation via RTD from Evergreen to Denver and back is easily available. You can hop on the Light Rail from any station on the west side Denver. Homes for sale in Evergreen CO and Conifer provide homeowners a great escape from the hustle bustle often found in the big city, and offer great access to get the city amenities that only Denver can provide. You can access Evergreen homes for sale via I-70 where you’ll pass the Buffalo Herd Nature Preserve and take in the view from the Genesee Bridge which is breathtaking! You’ll want to check out the famous Little Bear Inn while in Evergreen, a great place for entertainment and Evergreen Lake for recreation. Needless to say, you’ll want to shop for homes for sale in Evergreen CO and in Conifer boasting these attractions! The map below showcases Evergreen homes for sale and some in Conifer. Use your mouse and zoom in on the dots to get a closer look and check out the statistical information below for homes for sale in Evergreen CO.

Search Evergreen homes for sale

Many people move to the mountains in search of clean air and an escape from the big city of metro Denver. Some of the best homes for sale in Evergreen CO are found here and towards Conifer as well. To get an overview of Evergreen homes for sale and those in Conifer, use your mouse to zoom in on the dots on the map below. Evergreen is the gateway to some great skiing resorts such as Loveland, Winter Park, Keystone, Vail, and more. To customize your search for Evergreen homes for sale and Conifer, enter your housing criteria and the system will retrieve those homes meeting your needs. If you enter too many requirements, the program will return fewer results. Using the My Buying Buddy program will return housing data direct from the Denver realtor’s MLS (multiple listing service) in “real time” with the most accurate and up to date information anywhere for homes for sale in Evergreen CO.

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Pricing trends for homes for sale in Evergreen CO

With the economy rebounding, Evergreen homes for sale and Conifer are selling for top dollar and doing so in less than 2 months which is considered fast for mountain communities. Take a look at the recent historic sales and price trends graph which shows the median sales price of around $400,000 year over year and as can be expected the price tends to rise in the warmer months of the year. Often Evergreen homes for sale sell at a much higher price than the median price due to location, location, location. You will of course want to do your own neighborhood pricing for specific communities of interest to you. The best way to get a look at neighborhood trends is to use the Market Snapshot tool to search out neighborhoods for select Evergreen homes for sale and Conifer.

Sold price vs the asking price of homes for sale in Evergreen CO

Taking a look at the original list price to sold price comparison, you’ll see these Evergreen homes for sale and those in Conifer are in high demand partly due to the low inventory and lack of new construction in these communities. The trend line indicates these homes are selling at median prices late this past year nearing $500,000 and buyers are paying more than the asking price for these homes. Generally speaking, Evergreen homes for sale tend to cost more simply due the principal of location, location, location. The law of supply vs demand is actively working in these mountain communities and driving the home price up and will undoubtedly continue for homes for sale in Evergreen CO and in Conifer thereby making a more attractive Sellers market.

Fast selling for Evergreen homes for sale

Always a determining factor in home values for Evergreen homes for sale and in Conifer are the number of days on market properties tend to take. The graph illustrates Evergreen homes for sale at a median list price of $500K and selling in under 60 days. This turnaround time is very good in any community, but particularly meaningful in the mountain areas of Evergreen and Conifer. Buyers love these mountain communities and with transportation and highway access making for quick commutes to Denver these Evergreen homes for sale prices tend to edge up. Additionally, with the interest rates at historic low levels and the economy continuing to improve there will be continued demand for homes for sale in Evergreen CO and in Conifer.

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