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In today’s digital world we know people want to find Denver home values quickly, easily, and automatically. The trick is in getting accurate information to begin with to find Denver home values. You could visit large commercial websites or county assessor websites but unfortunately most of the information posted on those sites is out of date, and therefore their interpretation of Denver home values is not accurate by a long shot. You’ll like using the Home Valuation app below as it taps directly in the realtors MLS (multiple listing service) and provides you with up to the minute in “real time” property data information on recently sold and active homes for finding Denver home values whether you’re a homeowner thinking about selling or a home buyer in the market to purchase a home or check out neighborhood home value trends. Every bank, every appraiser, and every realtor relies on the data stored in the realtors MLS and you should too. When you ask a realtor to provide you with a market analysis, often called a comparative market analysis, the realtors MLS is the single source of where that information comes from.

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DENVER HOME VALUES – Considerations

Some things to consider when looking at your Home Valuation report for determining Denver home values include the following: square footage, number of bedrooms and baths, location, condition, age, garage or carport, style, architecture, property type, basement, and the list goes on . . .

  • Square Feet: Be sure to look for information on each sold property about the square feet above ground vs below grade. When thinking about your Denver home values as compared to other homes for sale.
  • Bedrooms and Baths: The number of bedrooms and baths will affect Denver home values. If there are too many bedrooms inconsistent with other homes in the neighborhood, that can impact Denver home values. Certainly the number of bathrooms and the size of bathrooms will affect Denver home values. Are the bathrooms full size (tub, toilet, sink), or three-quarter size (shower, toilet, sink), or half size (toilet, sink)?
  • Location: You’ll remember the 3 magic words for Denver home values is location, location, location. Compare homes in a similar location; your immediate neighborhood is the best place to start and it’s best if those homes are within a 1-2 mile distance of your home to get a true representation of your Denver home values.
  • Condition: This is the hardest area to determine Denver home values because we have to be objective and look at our home from the eyes of a buyer. Homes that show well, have been well maintained, updated as necessary to keep up with today’s trends will reap the largest return for Denver home values.
  • Age: When evaluating Denver home values, stay within an age range consistent for the neighborhood. Most homes in a neighborhood were built within a 10 year time period. You would not want to compare a home built in 1940 with one built in 2000; that’s kind of like comparing apples to oranges.
  • Garage or Carport: Denver home values will certainly be impacted by the amount of car storage and the type of storage. A garage will have a greater return over a carport, and certainly a 3 car garage will yield Denver home values a higher return than a 2 car garage.
  • Style: Most neighborhoods offer a variety of styles . . . ranch, 2 story, tri-level, 4-level, etc. It’s important for Denver home values to compare properties of similar style, otherwise adjustments will have to be made to the values of differing styles.
  • Architecture: When determining Denver home values use the architecture found pre-dominantly in the neighborhood. The architecture is usually the same or similar for a particular neighborhood. Homes in your neighborhood might be considered contemporary, traditional, tudor, bungalow, spanish, etc.
  • Property Type: It is imperative that Denver home values be compared with other homes that are of the same type. You would not want to compare a townhome to a single family home, or compare a condominium to a townhome.
  • Basement: This is perhaps the hardest area to determine Denver home values as there are so many variables that describe a basement. Determine if the basement is a “full basement” or a “partial basement”, is the basement fully finished or partially finished, does it have rough-in plumbing, and ask yourself what the quality of the finish is in the basement to name but a few of the comparisons required. Don’t compare homes with crawl spaces or built slab on grade with homes that have basements, otherwise an adjustment to value will be warranted.


Certainly determining a true analysis of your Denver home values is dependent on a number of qualities and elements in any home. This is not easily done unless you have the knowledge and experience that goes along with being an appraiser or a realtor. Understanding what home buyers will and will not buy most definitely affect Denver home values.

  • If you’re a homeowner looking to upgrade a property to improve it’s value, then you’ll want the advice of an experienced and knowledgeable realtor to determine Denver home values before you make improvements so you don’t overspend . . . so to speak: “count your chickens before they hatch”. Get your copy of the Cost vs Value Home Report from the National Association of Realtors here.
  • And if you’re a home buyer looking to make improvements to the home you buy, again you will not want to go overboard otherwise you may price yourself out of the market for when you’re ready to sell. Getting the advice from a realtor who understands what other buyers will pay for is crucial to you making the right decisions for home improvements. Caution should be exercised when home improvement companies tend to “upsell” improvements that seemingly enhance Denver home values at 100%. Rare is a 100% return on an improvement the case. The Cost vs Value Home Report will give you some ideas for where you want to invest your money into your home.

There are a lot of other considerations that go into determining your Denver home values beyond what is mentioned here. Call me or email me to help you analyze property values whether it be for your Denver home values that you are selling or buying, or if you’re wondering about the home values of properties in specific neighborhoods.