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So you would like to buy a home in Denver and there is so much to think about! You’ve got your mind on schools, employment, shopping, church, recreation, neighborhoods, transportation, and more. It’s a daunting task when you want to buy a home in Denver and we are here to help. You can put our 30+ years of experience to work for you helping you identify the right neighborhood and buy a home in Denver. Let’s get started on your journey to buy a home in Denver. We know Denver real estate inside and out and we are ready to help you buy a home in Denver that meets your needs. Stay informed about changing trends in Denver real estate by subscribing to our blog, and check out our Cities tab for statistical market trends.If you’ve been renting a home for a long time, then you might need a bit of a mind shift to think of yourself as a homeowner and buy a home in Denver. We are here to help answer your questions either by phone or by email. You can submit a Housing Help question to us. There are of course many benefits of being a homeowner as opposed to renting:

  • First and foremost, it’s yours! No one to tell you what you can and cannot do, no one to raise the rent . . . it’s your piece of Denver real estate.
  • You’ll make money with the home appreciating rather than paying the landlord’s mortgage and making them money when you buy real estate Denver.
  • April 15th is always a good day as you’ll get a tax benefit you don’t have when you’re renting, so buy a home in Denver sooner than later gives you a higher tax deduction.
  • Most importantly, you don’t have to move because you’re in control of your housing and not someone else . . . imagine that and what real estate Denver can do for you.

1st time home buyer information

We know buying a home can be a scary adventure and our goal is to make the process as seamless as it can be, just as we did for Colby and Shelly who bought a home after many years of renting. Tune into the podcast to find out how their experience was in an episode from the Denver Radio Real Estate show. To make the point about whether to rent or buy a home in Denver, take a look at this graph illustrating how renters are getting squeezed in the next year then decide for yourself if real estate Denver is a home ownership dream or reality for you.

For 1st time home buyers, download a copy of the Welcome Home – a 3 Step Guide to Buying Your First Home. This is a quick orientation into the process to buy a home in Denver and the players you’ll need to help you succeed to purchase Denver real estate. Use this handy Wish List to organize your thoughts and housing needs to buy a home in Denver. Next, start shopping online to buy a home in Denver. Search in “real time” from the real estate Denver best and most comprehensive source of homes available using the Denver realtor’s MLS (multiple listing service) via the My Buying Buddy platform. Because you’re tapping directly into the Denver Realtor’s MLS feed you get the most up to date information on real estate Denver, far better than any other giant commercial search engine . . . this is where all the data originates for these commercial websites.

Real estate language, resources, negotiations, and contracts

When you begin your journey to buy a home in Denver and search Denver real estate or real estate Denver, you’ll need to know who works for whom and the options available to you. Most home buyers choose an agent to represent their interests because they are seeking the advice of a realtor in “their corner”. The Colorado Real Estate Commission is the governing body that regulates the real estate industry. As such, they create the rules and regulations by which realtors must perform their services under. The first document they require all realtors to provide to a home buyer looking to buy a home in Denver or homeowner seeking a realtor to sell their home is the Definitions of Broker Relationships disclosure. This document briefly outlines the roles of realtors with respect to whom they work for or not when providing real estate Denver services. This document alone does not give a full explanation of why choose a Buyer’s Agent over a Transaction Broker. However, I have attached an article entitled Understanding Broker Relationships here for your review and further explanation of this very critical difference in the way realtors work with the public procuring real estate Denver.

Here are some other resources that may be of help to you as you venture through the process to buy a home in Denver and understanding Denver real estate:

At Colorado Front Range Properties we pride ourselves on providing you with information you need to buy a home in Denver and tools you can use to make your home shopping experience for Denver real estate easy and convenient. Subscribe to our blog and check out our blog for the latest and most up to date information about real estate Denver. And most importantly, we take to heart the realtor service we provide home buyers seeking to buy a home in Denver. It’s our great pleasure to help families acquire the home they have been yearning for, making your dream of home ownership a reality leaving no stone unturned till we find the home that suits you.
To get full access to all the Denver real estate and request a no obligation consultation, fill out the form below or drop us an email or simply give us a phone call. We are always happy to speak with you and be of service to you.

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