Boulder, CO

Commuters drive back and forth along Highway 36, formerly known as the Boulder Turnpike, between Denver and Boulder for employment and Boulder homes for sale. The gaps between the neighboring cities of Louisville, Lafayette, and Superior have narrowed over the last couple of decades providing more jobs, retail, and housing along the I-36 corridor now in expansion mode to include the Light Rail system. Bus transportation via RTD will also increase direct transportation to Boulder via the Flatiron Flyer route. Needless to say, these updated modes of transportation will undoubtedly be cause for increased property values along the I-36 corridor. Boulder has seemingly through the years been somewhat insulated from any recession and therefore the prices of Boulder homes for sale tends to be much higher than anywhere along the front range. Statistical information is provided below giving you a snapshot of the market trends for Boulder, key indicators of where housing costs are headed if you’re considering buying homes for sale in Boulder CO. You’ll find a wide variety of homes for sale in Boulder CO including single family homes, townhomes, and condominiums and a wide range of starter homes, move-up homes and high end Boulder homes for sale. A sampling of these homes is provided on the map below. You’ll want to mouse over the dots to narrow your search getting a closer look at property details for each of these listings. As the real estate market changes and new practices are implemented, you’ll want to stay on top of those via our RSS feed particularly if you’re in the market for Boulder homes for sale.

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Searching Boulder homes for sale

The map above gives you a preview of the homes for sale in Boulder CO. You will likely want to conduct your own customized search for homes for sale in Boulder CO and the best way to do that is using the My Buying Buddy program. You’ll get the most complete and accurate data from this program because it’s a direct feed into the Denver and Boulder realtor MLS systems (multiple listing system), and all other commercial housing websites draw some of the information from these sources but those websites do not offer complete details and are often inaccurate. All of the information is updated in “real time”. You’ll be able to search Boulder homes for sale by the number of bedrooms and baths, square feet, location, garage, and much more. You can track price movements, save properties, and get alerts emailed to you automatically when new listings come on the market matching your search criteria for Boulder homes for sale.

Pricing trends of Boulder homes for sale

As mentioned earlier, homes for sale in Boulder CO tend to be higher than homes for sale in nearby bedroom communities such as Louisville, Lafayette, or Superior. This is typically due to location as Boulder homes for sale are nestled up along the mountainous Flatirons and home to the University of Colorado which is a major employer for Boulder. This is likely to continue since transportation between Denver and Boulder is expanding making it easier for commuters. Take a look at the recent historic sales and price trends for homes for sale in Boulder CO to see the direction of Boulder home prices. Find out want the market trends are in specific neighborhoods of Boulder homes for sale by using the Market Snapshot tool. This is a great tool to compare neighborhood pricing and keep a watch on the changing real estate market in communities you’re interested in.

Sold Price vs Listed Price for Boulder homes for sale

Comparing the median list price vs the median sold price will generally give you a sense of the direction of home values for Boulder homes for sale. A look at the original prices vs the sold price chart will give you a glimpse of how much these homes are getting for a sold price compared to a list price. You can see that the median list price is above $500,000 and yet the median sold price is about $450,000. Given the improving economy and the ongoing development of I-36 for expansion and Light Rail, you are likely to see these median list prices and sold prices rise in the coming years for Boulder homes for sale. Use the Mortgage Calculator to get an idea of financing homes for sale in Boulder CO and what you may qualify for.

Fairly fast market for Boulder homes for sale

By and large the homes for sale in Boulder CO are just under 2 months time. We can see homes tend to sell faster during the summer months, probably due to the University of Colorado school year. The number of days on market graph clearly illustrates the median list price is around $500,000 and yet at different times in the year the median list price can be much higher. Boulder is highly sought after, but there are neighboring towns close by to offset the high cost of Boulder homes for sale.

Learn more about the city of Boulder here and why so many people are drawn to it. It’s known to have some great parks, a strong sense of community, and some wonderful shopping. One of the best mountain park areas nearby is Chautauqua Park. You can download a free copy of The Home Buying Process – Keys to Your Success to help you with navigating the real estate market. It would be our pleasure to answer questions for about homes for sale in Boulder CO and the surrounding communities. You can reach us by phone, email, or by submitting your questions via the Housing Help link. We would enjoy the opportunity to make your next home purchase a pleasant experience